September 19, 2017

From September 15-17, 2017, 16 Ventura County FNL youth and their advisors attended the statewide FNL Youth Summit in Anaheim, CA.

At this year’s summit, over 700 young people from across the state of California came together to learn about some innovative leadership strategies and community projects and also share about their own youth-led project work from their respective communities.

The FNL chapters from Frank and Haydock Middle Schools, in Oxnard, and Ventura High School represented Ventura County’s FNL program. These three chapters were able to completely cover their cost to attend by utilizing grant funds they were awarded through the California FNL Partnership Office and the Office of Traffic Safety. This grant had them conduct project work around underage alcohol use prevention during the 2016/2017 school year (you can find out more about their grants and projects here).

As an additional layer to their attendance, all participants were able to visit the nearby Disneyland Resort on Saturday evening. For many of the attending youth, this was their first ever visit to the park.

Additionally, after a competitive application process, two Ventura County youth presenters and the FNL county coordinator were selected to present on the “Lee Law” project the two youth participated in at Haydock Middle School. Over two workshop sessions, they presented to more than 60 youth and adult participants.

At the end of the weekend, each group was able to present on their project work in a gallery walk-style session while viewing the amazing work of dozens of other chapters from throughout the state of California.

In the end, the incredibly productive weekend was filled with lots of new ideas, relationship building, and skills development in a fun and engaging environment.