May 8, 2019

FNL/TUPE Awards Night – 2019


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On May 23, 2019, Friday Night Live and the Tobacco Use Education Prevention programs will be holding the 5th Annual FNL/TUPE Awards Night.

At this event, young people, their families, educators, and community partners from across the county will come together to highlight and recognize the great work that these youth from across the county have accomplished over the 2018-2019 school year.

To start the evening, there will be a gallery walk where the youth in attendance will have conduct tabletop demonstrations to highlight some of their project work from this year. After the gallery walk, FNL will recognize three adult allies – an FNL advisor who has completed 10 years of service, a district coordinator who has gone above and beyond providing opportunities for involvement for young people in Ventura County, and a local business owner who has provided our programs with many donated hours of graphic design and branding materials and educational incentives to keep young people engaged.

We will also be giving recognition to all of our students, adult advisors, and programs that have dedicated themselves to making positive improvements to the communities of Ventura County.